DBL-205E Air differential pressure switches

Differential pressure for air or non-aggressive and non-inflammable gas control.
Specifications for DBL-205E
Range 5…25 mbar (500…2500 Pa)
Hysteresis 1.5 mbar ± 15%
Specifications for Air differential pressure switches
Contacts Microswitch with SPDT contacts, according to EN 1854 (EN 60730)
Switch capacity 1.5 (0.4) A, 250 V AC
Ambient temperature -20…+85°C
Ambient humidity 10...90 % RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -40…+85°C
Max. pressure

100 mbar

Storage humidity < 95% RH
Diaphragm Silicone (LSR)
Casing Polystyrene
Weight 180…210 g
Dimensions Ø 118 x h 57.5mm
Protection class IP54

Connection set with 2 PVC duct connectors, 2 m flexible PVC pipe and 4 screw


Set with mounting bracket and screws (L-shaped)