DBET-10 Capillary thermostat, IP65

High quality thermostats for use in cooling, heating and ventilation systems.
Specifications for DBET-10
Temperature range 50…120 °C
Steps 1
Hysteresis 2…20 K
Step diff. -
Max. bulb temperature 150 °C
Hidden setpoint -
Suitable immersion well DR16, DR-17
Immersion well to use DBZ-17
Specifications for Capillary thermostat, IP65
Sensor element Liquid-filled coiled copper bulb
Bulb Ø 9.5 (Ø 8 for range 50...120°C)
Length, capillary tube 1.5m
Contacts Microswitches with SPDT contacts (heat/cool)
Switch capacity 15 (8) A, 24...250 V AC
Ambient temperature -35...+65°C
Ambient humidity
Storage temperature -40…+70°C
Storage humidity < 95% RH
Casing Bayblend® base, ABS cover
Dimensions 108 x 70 x 72mm
Weight 400 g
Protection class IP65
Isolation class I