We believe in the combination of smart thinking, competence, reliability and the reduction of complexity.


Coming from a multicultural, hard working and ambitious environment, we know that we need to perform outstandingly to succeed on the international market. Industrietechnik was born out of an entrepreneur’s dream of developing reliable, quality products to satisfy a big market of HVAC/R customers.

He received all the input he needed as he was driving around in his car selling products directly to customers. One of our very first products was a frost protection thermostat – a product that we continue to develop and that is still part of our range.

Close customer relationships

Today, we no longer ring on doorbells - but we know that good products are born from market input. That’s why we’ve developed a company that builds on close customer relationships and our passion to provide products customers can truly rely on. In order to provide the best service and the right product range we always go back to our core values, the very foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

Our core values

Smart thinking

We believe in questioning the status quo in our daily work in order to find the smartest and most simple way to reach our customers’ goals. This is why flexibility is part of our DNA.


We believe that actively gathering knowledge makes us thinkers with a distinctive and informed point of view.

Reducing complexity

We believe in keeping things simple - from product design to production and customer service. As a result, it is easy to do business with us.


We believe in the simple rule of doing what we say we are going to do, both as individuals and as an organization. We keep our promises.