New Evolution split - your smart and efficient solution for multiple fan-coil control

Ever since we launched our new Evolution series, the controllers have found many satisfied customers worldwide. Industrietechnik is excited to announce the release of yet another model for multiple fan-coil control and smart, easy, and cost-efficient installation – Evolution Split. With Evolution split you can handle up to 14 interconnected fan-coils from one single THS2-0MM master unit.

Great capacity all in one unit

The versatile Evolution controller can be connected to an endless variety of fan-coil models with various configurations including for example 3-speed fans, EC-fans, all types of 2- and 4-pipe systems. A relay for electric heaters up to 2kW can be connected, as well.

Designed for easy integration

The I/O module is equipped with a Modbus port for easy communication to any BMS SCADA system.

Installation that saves engineering hours

In order to make installation as swift and easy as possible, the hardware with the IO/module and the display unit have been separated. That way, the IO module can easily be installed directly into the fan-coil. The push-in terminals without any screws enable a fast and easy connection to the wiring.

Smart features included

Evolution Split is equipped with a large number of software functionalities such as input for window contact, economy mode, a real time clock for on/off function by time bands for each day – and much more.


Application example. Fan coil management with return probe, mixed valve and additional electrical resistance. The window and presence contacts are managed by the potional THS2 controller. Season change is managed on a THS2-0MM master unit.

Prepared for an easy integration with the SCADA system

Evolution Split can be monitored by any third-party SCADA system with Modbus-RTU protocol.
Through the Modbus-RTU you can control all temperatures, humidity's and the input/output status of each fan coil. You can also set the operating parameters, alarms or force the inputs and outputs of each device.

The display unit has an internal clock with weekly programming that guarantees the fan coil to switch on even in the event of a lack of communication with the SCADA.


Maintaining optimum CO2 levels

On average, people in Europe spend 80% of their time indoors. This puts focus on the importance of effective air control systems in buildings.

Evolution Split enables easy monitoring and controlling that ensures continuously optimized air quality. Just connect Evolution Split to a Modbus CO2 sensor. When the CO2 level in the environment rises Evolution can open an external air intake damper to facilitate the air exchange.

More product data

Sensors and transmitters that fit Evolution Split

CO2 transmitter, room mounting

If you want to monitor the CO2 levels together with the Evolution Split the TCO2AU-D-M is best choice. Depending on the model, it is also available with temperature and relative humidity output It also has an output for Modbus communication. The models are available with or without display.

Cable temperature sensor with PVC bulb

For temperature control with a remote sensor we recommend the NT0220-NTC10-02 . It is installed directly in the fan coil where it measures the air temperature.


For surface temperature measurement. Including clamp (Ø max 40 mm).


Another choice for surface temperature measurement is SCC-NTC10-02-BR-J, a clamp-on sensor with cable. Including clamp (Ø max 40 mm).

Fan coil valves

For the control of heating and cooling in fan coil or chilled beams applications we recommend the VFX435 valves. The VFX valves are available as 2- and 3-way versions, as well as bypass versions. They have linear flow characteristics and are intended to be used together with the thermal SE1 actuators.

Thermal actuator

SE1T230 is a thermal actuator with position indicator for control of valves in heating or cooling systems. The actuator can be used to control radiator circuits, solar heating systems, heating or cooling coils, floor heating etc. To be combined with the VFX range of valves.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data protection law in the EU. For more information on how we handle your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy. (PDF document, 185 kB)