VFPIM25-1500 VFPIx - Pressure independent control valves

Pressure independent control valves, DN15-25, 2.7 mm stroke. The valve is a combined differential pressure regulator, flow limiter and equal percentage control valve with full stroke and authority. The pressure independent control valves are suitable for constant or variable temperature systems and can be used as constant flow limiters in constant volume systems (with no actuators), or as pressure independent control valves in variable volume systems (with actuators).

The VFPIP / VFPIM / VFPI valves DN15-25 are intended to be used together with ITK's SE1Cxxx or SEZ2 actuators.

Specifications for VFPIM25-1500
Nominal diameter DN25
Connection G1"
Max. flow rate 1500 l/h

Max. start up pressure

35 kPa
Rangeability 50 ~ 100 : 1
Stroke 2.7 mm
Actuator SE1C230, SE1C24, SEZ2
Specifications for VFPIx - Pressure independent control valves
Application Heating/cooling systems, fan coil units, radiant cooling and ventilation
Pressure class 25bar
Flow characteristics Equal percentage
Rangeability 50 ~ 100 : 1
Max. diff. pressure 600kPa
Stroke 2,7mm
Media Hot water, cold water, glycol-mixed water
Max. leakage 0.01 % of maximum flow, Class IV IEC 60534-4
Media temperature -10…+120°C
Body Brass CW602N (CZ121)
Plug parabol Brass CW614N (CZ132)
Stem Stainless steel
O-rings EPDM
Pressure controller EPDM, stainless steel and high resistance polymer

Adapter for valve with 2.7 mm stroke


Adapter for PICV valves 2.7 mm stroke or 6 mm stroke