VFTRB325-8 VFTRB2/VFTRB3 - 2- and 3-way control valves

Valves, DN25-40, kvs 8-20, 5.5 mm stroke, for control of heating and cooling in climate, heating and ventilation systems. They can also control glycol-mixed water in for example liquid recovery systems. The valves are intended to be used together with the SEZ4 actuators. A hand wheel for manual operation is delivered with the valve.

Specifications for VFTRB325-8
Nominal diameter DN25
Connection G1"
Kvs 8 m3/h
Max. diff. pressure 200 kPa
Actuator RVAZ4
Specifications for VFTRB2/VFTRB3 - 2- and 3-way control valves
Application Heating systems, cooling systems, fan-coil units, radiant cooling, ventilation systems
Pressure rating PN16
Connection, actuator M30 x 1.5
Connection BSP internally threaded according to ISO 228/1
Flow characteristics Linear
Max. leakage 0 % of the kvs value
Media Hot, cold or glycol-mixed water (max. 50 % glycol)
Media temperature 1…110°C
Rangeability 50:1
Stroke 5.5mm

Hand wheel