DB-M6 Manometers and air differential pressure switches

Differential pressure visualization of air or non-aggressive and non-inflammable gases with alarm at a pre-set value.

The compact unit consists of:
- a differential manometer with an inclined liquid pipe, complete of tank to allow temporary overpressure;
- a bottle containing indication liquid and 2 stickers (red/green);
- a differential pressure switch connected to the manometer with PVC hose, complete of pressure adjustment knob, terminals for electrical connections and cable gland PG 9 (protection class according to EN 60529: IP54);
- PVC hose Ø 4 x 7 - 2.2 m length, pipes and fixing screws.

Specifications for DB-M6
Manometer range 0…600 Pa
Pressure switch range -
Hysteresis -
Max. pressure 200 kPa
Specifications for Manometers and air differential pressure switches
Contacts Dust-tight microswitch with SPDT contacts
Switch capacity 3 (2) A, 250 V AC
Ambient temperature -40…+60°C
Ambient humidity 10...90 % RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature DB-M…: -45…+70 °C
DB-M…P…: -25…+70°C
Storage humidity < 95% RH
Accuracy 5 Pa
Electrical connection With terminals and cable gland PG9
Material ABS, PMMA, PC
Packing NBR
Weight 400…820 g
Dimensions 290 x 140 x 64mm
Protection class IP54
Isolation class II