DB25MI Liquid flow switches

Switches for liquid flow control.

Well-suited for:

  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • refrigeration systems.

Specifications for DB25MI
Connection 1"
Setting range 19 - 24 l/min
Max. recommended flow (l/min) 60 l/min
Specifications for Liquid flow switches

Water, Water max. 50% glycol

Contacts Microswitch with SPDT contacts
Switch capacity 5 A, 250 V AC
Media temperature -20…+110°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Storage humidity < 95% RH
Max. pressure 2500 kPa = 25 bar
Pressure loss at Qmax 1 kPa = 0.01bar

± 15 %

Hysteresis Min. 0.7 l/min
Plug Internally threaded connector DIN 43650-A
Casing ABS V0
Body Brass
Paddles Stainless steel
Packing NBR
Weight 300…990 g
Protection class IP65
Dimensions 102 x 30 x 83…104mm
Isolation class II