TCO2C-NI1000-01 CO2 transmitter, air duct mounting

CO2 + Ni1000, 1000 Ohm (0°C)
Specifications for TCO2C-NI1000-01
Output signal 0…10 V + Ohm
Accuracy, temperature ± 0.5
Specifications for CO2 transmitter, air duct mounting
Supply voltage 15…35 V DC / 24 V AC ± 10% 50-60 Hz
CO2 sensor NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology)
Output 0…10 V DC or 0…5 V DC, RL>10 kOhm
Working range, CO2 0…2000ppm
Working range, temperature 0…+50°C
Working range, humidity 10…90% RH
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Storage humidity < 95% RH
Accuracy, CO2 ±(50 ppm +2% of the measured value)
Power consumption < 2.5 W
Energy consumption < 0.5 Wh
Transformer power >=5 VA
Max. air velocity 10 m/s
Mounting Duct
Material, casing cover White polycarbonate
Material, casing base Grey polycarbonate
Insertion length 60…230mm
Weight 160 g
Dimensions 75 x 77 x 36mm
Protection class IP65
Isolation class III
CO2 0...10 V DC referring to 0...2000 ppm
Temperature passive sensor°C

Mounting bracket for air duct transmitters