STI-NTC1.8 Immersion sensor with housing and well

This product is discontinued

The sensor part has a clip fastening which makes it easy to mount.
Specifications for STI-NTC1.8
Sensor element NTC 1.8
Nominal resistance 1800 Ω (25°C)
Temperature range -20...+120 °C
Equivalent TAC
_Article Industrietechnik STI-NTC1.8
Specifications for Immersion sensor with housing and well
Temperature range -20…+120°C
Cable gland M16
Time constant 18s
Insertion length 90mm
Connection, well R1/2"
Material, probe and well Stainless steel
Diameter, well 8mm
Pressure rating PN25
Dimensions 93 x 70 x 150mm
Protection class IP65