DB-TA-31A-100 Room controllers for air handling unit

This product is discontinued

The DB-TA-31A series can control temperature in room applications on heating, cooling, ventilation 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems.
Specifications for DB-TA-31A-100
On/off button X
Change-over function, season Remote contact


Specifications for Room controllers for air handling unit
Supply voltage 24 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

Season changeover / limit sensor (to define when ordering) / remote air sensor (optional)

Outputs 1 or 2 0-10 V outputs (RL> 10 kOhm)
Power consumption < 1.5 W
Sensor Internal or remote NTC 10K for air sensor / remote NTC 10K for limit sensor (code STC-NTC10-02)
Ambient temperature 6…45°C
Ambient humidity 10…90 % RH (non-condensing)
Setpoint 6…45°C
Storage temperature -20…+70°C
Storage humidity < 95% RH
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Casing ABS fireproof according to UL94 V-0 color (RAL 9010)
Weight 220 g
Dimensions 144 x 82 x 34mm
Protection class IP30
Isolation class II