DAT24F Damper actuators with spring return, 10 Nm

Well-suited for applications with security dampers used as antifreeze, antismoke or for sealing in the hygienic-sanitary field.
Specifications for DAT24F
Supply voltage 24 V AC / DC
Power consumption

Operating: 5.0 W Maintenance: 2.5 W

Auxiliary switch -
Specifications for Damper actuators with spring return, 10 Nm
Max. damper size 2m2
Torque 10Nm
Frequency 50…60 Hz
Running time, actuator 100s
Running time, spring return 25 s
Rotation angle -5°…+95°
Ambient temperature -20…+50°C
Ambient humidity 5…95 % RH
Noise level Max 45 dB
Mounting Directly on jack shaft
For jack shaft 10…19 mm Ø (round shaft), 10…16 mm (square shaft)
Weight 2300 g
Protection class IP54
Isolation class III (DAT230F:
Certification CE